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Geosynthetic Material Manufacturer and Supplier!

Our company is a geosynthetic brand manufacturer and supplierof geosynthetic products in China, mainly provide the geosynthetics anti-leakage solutions, products and services since 2002 year.

With optimized production process and development of innovative geosynthetic anti-seepage products,our products have Impermeable pond liner, HDPE Geomembrane,LLDPE Geomembrane with smooth and textured surface, Nonwoven Geotextile/Woven Geotextile with Polyester and Polypropylene fabric.We have ISO9001,ISO14001,ISO 45001 certifications,and meet TUV,BV,SGS and ACSIG,TRI test standard. The customers projects including aquaculture(fish/shrimp ponds),environment(landfill,water treatment,power plant),mine(tailing, heap leach ),agriculture(water reservoir,irrigation,artificial lake,lagoon),oil&gas(fresh water,pit pond) and so on…More

Main Products

HDPE GEOMEMBRANE blowing film process

Geomembrane/Pond liner:Geomembrane/pond liner is made of high-quality polyethylene virgin resin,using international advanced multiple Layer co-extrusion blow molding process or multi-head flat extrusion process.The geomembrane pond liner has excellent resistance to chemical acid and alkali,UV resistance, strength durability and stress tear resistance.There are different pond liner, HDPE Geomembrane, LLDPE Geomembrane with smooth or textured surface.Hdpe pond liner

nonwoven geotextile packing

Geotextile: made of Poyester/PET or Polypropylene/PP fabric,has good mechanical properties, excellent permeability, filtration and adaptability to deformation. It meets the functional of corrosion control, anti-aging, isolation, drainage, protection and enhancement.Nonwoven mass weight range 100gsm-1000gsm.Geotextile details

geomembrane welding machine

Design&Supply& Installation:The Hot wedge machines 800w /1800w welders,extrustion welder and hot air welding machines,welding rod and E polylock can be provided together for your projects,we have installation videos to help with construcion….What do you need?

Why Choose US?

Geomembrane and geotextile manufacturer

One-stop service for your distribution,and projects of geosynthetic products since 2002 year

textured geomembrane liner

Advanced production line with stable process optimization under ISO9001 ,OEM is available.

geomembrane test tensile strength

QA/QC system follow the ISO9001 quality control system,product test meet the ASTM Standard.

hdpe geomembrane loading

Fast,safe and reasonable transport solution with professional Logistics partner

Our Customers and Agents

With 19years in the geosynthetic industry,Earthshield have provided a large number of high quality geothechnical materials for environment protection and civil engieerning,such as landfills,mines,waste water treatment,water conservancy projects,biogas digester,oil gas,salt drying plants,aquaculture,etc.Now we are serving for over 60 countries including UK,USA,Indonesia,Philippines,Thailand,Singapore,Maylasia,Saudi Arabia,Canada,Australia,Chile,Peru,Morocco,Tanzania,Sri Lanka,Russia,Mexico,Burkina faso,Belarus etc.

Brazil customer for geotextile
Malaysia shrimp pond projcet
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How to install geomembrane?

How to install geomembrane? The install process of geomembrane is as follows: Subgrade Preparation → Geomembrane Placement → Seaming Procedures → Pipe and Structure Penetration Sealing System →Anchor Trench→Disposal of Scrap Materials 1.Subgrade Preparation Before geomembrane placement, the subgrade shall be guaranteed to meet the design requirements and

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Do you know 4 types of shrimp ponds?

The formation of ponds is carried out with the function of being the land where aquatic commodities are cultivated. In general, ponds are more often used to cultivate shrimp. There are several types of shrimp ponds , but people usually use direct ground pools more often. This is

910, 2020

What is the difference between Geomembrane and Geotextile?

What is the difference between Geomembrane and Geotextile? Many companies or individuals  are confused when purchasing geotextile and geomembrane, what is the difference between geomembrane and geotextile?Today we will give you a simple analysis from the three aspects of their material composition, functional characteristics and main applications. 1. material

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