0.75mm thickness HDPE Fish pond liner

Project:aquaculture fish pond

Size: Diameter 20m, height 1.4m

Geomembrane: 0.75mm thickness HDPE geomembrane

The geomembrane pond liner material is more and more popular in the aquaculture industry.In December 2020year , a customer sent us inquiry about the fish pond, they hope to build a fish pond, but donot know what material to use, and donot to how to do construction.

Our company is a manufacturer and solutions provider of geomembrane, we have more than 10years experience, and have many clients in the fish pond, shrimp pond, landfill, mining, oil gas,water treatment projects and so on, and our engineers can help with the construction.

After talking with customer’s requirement, we suggest 0.75mm thickness hdpe geomembrane,our hdpe geomembrane use 100% virgin high density polyethylene raw material and carbon black, follow the ISO certifications, and property meet the ASTM standard.

The pond liner is waterproof, impermeable,and UV resistant, the lifespan is 15-20years.

The customer checked our quotation with their engineers, and ask about the installation, they did not have any experience in the construction before.

The installation is very important for the project. Because the pond liner is very good, but when do construction,if there is leak or damage, the whole project will become a failure.Meanwhile,considering the welding loss and time, the professional engineers are necessary for the installation.

To help customer understanding the installation process, our installation videos were sent to them, and explain to them the important items.According to the 0.75mm thickness hdpe geomembrane, we suggest hot wedge weldingmachine 800W,hot aire machine and extrusion machine,with the manual guide and videos.

Considering the covid situation,our engineers cannot go abroad to help with customers.we taught the customer onliner and finally the ponds were finished.The final project is very beautiful.