1.5mm 2mm Thickness Landfill HDPE Geomembrane liner  

1.5mm 2mm ASTM GM13 Landfill hdpe geomembrane liner for landfill

What is the use of HDPE liner in landfill?

The landfill project uses  many geosynthetic products to make a containment,like HDPE geomembrane, nonwoven geotextile,  GCL,geonet.The landfill project strucrure is very import for the waste capacity. The most important item is HDPE geomembrane liner, it is impermeable,chemical resistant,and puncture resistant,can stop the leachated from going into the soil and pollute the environment.

1.5mm hdpe geomembrane for landfill

How thick is a landfill liner?

Our landfill projects customers use the HDPE geomembrane liner 60mil 80mil (1.5mm 2mm) thickness liner mostly, the landfill liner surface is double sides smooth,or one side smooth and one side textured.

What is a good liner for landfill?

The bottom landfill hdpe geomembrane liner use 100%virgin resin material,with a good density, OIT, and melt index. The finished landfill hdpe geomembrane property should meet or above the ASTM GRI GM13 standard, to ensure impermeable,strong, have good mechnical and chemical property,and long service life,can protect the soil and water more than 60years.For some special landfill design, the Top HDPE Geomembrane manufacturers, for example,  Solmax / GSE geomembrane can meet different requirements.

smooth textured surface hdpe geomembrane liner

waterproof geomembrane liner



How long do landfill liners last?

A good landfill hdpe geomembrane liner should last more than 60years even 100years,to decrease the impact of pollution.If landfill liner failure, the environment will be damaged badly.

what is good material for landfill covering?

The landfill covering uses the HDPE geomembrane liner too, impermeable,punture resistant,UV resistant.

Can you do geomembrane installation for the Landfill?

Yes,we have 15 instllation engineers, they have 12years experience,have build fish pond, dam,landfill,mining projects and so on. The geomembrane welding high efficiency , low waste rate can help you save much cost.

1.5mm 60mil HDPE Geomembrane and 400gsm Nonwoven Geotextile for a landfill in Cambodia

1.5mm 60mil HDPE Geomembrane and 400gsm Nonwoven Geotextile for a landfill in Cambodia

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