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PE geomembrane needs to be produced with 100% virgin raw materials;however,the fact is in the market,there are a large number of PE geomembranes are processed with recycled materials to save cost.The sources of recycled materials are ambiguous,such as waste machine oil drums,waste mineral water bottles,waste greenhouse films,beer bags,and even medical waste;and also,the quality is unstable,if it is used for a period of time or in harsh environment,the membrane will be damaged and its anti-seepage function will be lost. What’s more,the recycled material itself
contains a variety of harmful substances,which will cause unpredictable damage to the environment and human body.

Our company’s commitment to our customers is never to use even one grain of recycled materials!The raw materials used by our company are all qualified materials specially for Geomembrane from world-famous brands.The geomembrane produced by our company has excellent tensile yield strength and resistance to environmental stress cracking.Our suppliers include Singapore Phillips,Nordic Chemical,Dow,Total,Qatar Philips,Korea Oil Chemical,etc.

The geomembrane processed from recycled materials will also differ from the geomembrane processed from 100% virgin materials in the following aspects:

1.The surface of 100% Virgin Material Geomembranes is smooth and flat;in contrast,there are inevitable bump dots on the surface of Recycled Material ones.The poorer of the quality of recycled materials,the more bump dots it has on its surface. Another method is to fold the liner, if the fold area become white and visable, the material is recycled.

2. The geomembrane of 100% virgin raw material doesn’t have any smell.The geomembrane of recycled material will smell pungent if you smell it carefully.The worse the quality of the recycled material,the more pungent the smell.If it is impossible to clearly judge that the geomembrane can be ignited with fire,the recycled geomembrane will emit a strong peculiar smell.

3. The density of HDPE geomembrane is 0.94,so the100% virgin raw material geomembrane will float on the water.Some recycled materials geomembrane’s density will be less than water,but geomembrane with very poor quality will sink to the bottom of the water.

4. The 100% virgin raw material geomembrane will maintain its toughness at -70℃.The geomembrane,which uses a lot part of recycled materials,will harden after being frozen at low temperature,and even become brittle breaken.

5. The raw materials of recycled geomembrane is unstable,so the tensile strength,break elongation and other indicators of recycled products cannot meet the standards and related requirements.It is easy to tear the recycled material geomembrane.

Earth Shield Environmental Co., Ltd insist on 100%virgin resin for the geomembrane,to provide high quality products for customers and protect the environment as well.

Welcome your inquiry and technical talk with our company, with more and more people to protect our earth life. Thank you!