Our company is a 19 years geosynthetic manufacturer and solution provider integrating Engineering design,manufacturing, installation, guarantee in the Seepage control industry. With 3 geomembrane production lines and 4 geotextile lines,the geomembrane,geotextile all can be manufactured within 3-15days.Under ISO9001 quality control system, The property meet the ASTM standard.The products are very popular in Southeast Asia, South America, Middle East, Africa and other countries and regions, also have many agents there.

Our clients projects include aquaculture(fish shrimp ponds),environment protection(landfill,water treatment,power plant),mine(solar ponds,tailing reservoir dam, heap leaching ),agriculture(water reservoir,irrigation,artificial lake),oil&gas(fresh water,pit pond) and so on.

To Be responsible for the environment; To provide customers with more than expected services; To be responsible for ourselves and families!

Vision:To be the last defense for environment-protection! Be responsible for our environment!

Values:Trust, teamwork, integrity, communication, immediate action!

geomembrane and geotextile workshop

Our Workshop


3 blowing film process machines,1 calendering machine, and 1 textured machine.

Production capacity 9200tons/year,100%virgin!

Thickness range 0.2mm-3mm, max width 8m.


Nonwoven Geotextile

2 Filament nonwoven geotextile machines, and 1 short firber nonwoven geotextile machine.

PP and PET material both ok,100%virgin!

Weight range: 100gsm-800gsm, width 1m- 6m.

nonwoven geotextile
non woven geotextile production line

Woven Geotextile

31 sets of Gripper looms,4 sets rapier loom; strength 50KN-1600KN,200gsm-3000gsm;capacity 30000-50000sqm/day.PET or PP material.

Biaxial:40/40KN,70/70KN,100/100KN, 200/200KN, 400/400KN, 500/500KN, 600/600KN.



woven geotextile
woven geotextile


Earth Shield Environmental Co., Ltd is the leading geomembrane and geotextile manufacturer and exporter since 2002. All Earthshield brand products had been certificated by the ISO9001,ISO45001 ISO14001,TUV, SASO and BV certificates and passed the test of SGS,TRI,ACSIG third party lab.