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Oil Gas Mud pit liner

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Oil Gas Mud pit liner 2021year, a Sudan customer sent us an inquiry about mud pit liner.The mud pid liner is for a oil gas tender,with the following requriements. Type Environmentally-friendly Exterior, colour Black.Dimention (length×width×thickness) 50m×6m×1.0mm, Density ≥ 0.940g/cm3, Content of Carbon Black (%) 2.0~3.0%, Applicable temperature (℃) -20~50 Tensile break strength (N/mm) ≥27 Elongation

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HDPE pond liner  VS PVC pond liner 

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HDPE pond liner  VS PVC pond liner  Introduction More and more ponds are very popular in recent years, it can be used for fish ponds, shrimp pond, water reservoir, swimming pool,and irrigation ponds,even water treatment ponds and so on. The ponds construction will use waterproof, which should be waterproof impermeable, can make the ponds to

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