Differences between virgin geomembrane and recycled geomembrane

There are many different quality in the geomembrane liner market,100%virgin, virgin&recycled, recycled material.Do you know the difference of the liner? If you buy low quality geomembrane at high price, how do you feel?
Geomembrane Material:
100% virgin resin:white(transparent) color,clean and bright,nontoxic and environment friendly; high property,density and melt index meet the standard;
Recycled resin :complex colors, dark, including medical waste, waste oil drums, chemical containers, etc, contain impurities such as viruses, heavy metals, and dangerous chemicals,toxic; bad property.
Geomembrane material
Geomembrane Surface:
100%virgin geomembrane:smooth,clean and bright,no bubbles and hump;
Recycled geomembrane:rough,dark, many bubbles and humps
Geomembrane difference in sheet:
Difference New/Virgin Used/Recycled
surface very smooth rough and dull,many bubbles
smell no smeel bad smell
physical property(tensile strength,elongtaion,puncture,tear strength) Very good Poor
Chemical property(cracking ,aging ,UV ,oil and gas,salt,acid and alkaline,corrosion) Very good Very Poor
Advantage waterproof,impermeable,nontoxic;high property;stable;environent friendly;high installation efficiency,save cost and time;

Long life projects,Low Maintenance cost,Successful project

Cheap price
Disadvantage High price bad property,high maintenance cost and time;toxic for fish,water,and lives etc;hard to install,easy to break and leak;replacement cost huge;unstable

Short life,High maintenance cost,Project failure,Bad reputation and Bankrupt

Life >10years exposed to the su;

>40years buried without sun

<3years exposed to the sun;

<10years buried without sun

Although the recycled liner is cheap, if leaks, how much time and money can you pay?
Earth Shield Environmental Co., Ltd insist 100%virgin geomembrane for customers, help saving cost and time, and protect the environment.