HDPE LLDPE Geomembrane liner

Geomembrane is a kind of waterproof impermeable liner for containment,ponds, and fluid/gas leak control ,antiseepage control projects. The geomembrane liners are made of virgin polyethylene resin by the film blowing or calendering process. All the PE resin is 100%virgin material from Saudi Arabia, Qatar etc famous manufacturer with masterbatch from Cabot company.

Earthshields geomembrane have these features:waterproof and impermeable,UV resistance,High mechincal property,Nontoxic and a long service life.

geomembrane resin

Geomembrane Surface

Smooth Surface and Textured Surface,and Textured surface have two kinds process, one is Spinneret roughening process,another process is calendering technology.

The textured surface is rough, it can add the friction between geomembrane liner and other products, like nonwoven geotextile.Because the textured surface geomembrane is not flat,the friction is high, geomembrane liner cannot slip at the slop, and the workers can stand there safely, it is antislip and stable.

The textured geomembrane liner can be produced 8m width, and has a blank area at each side,20cm smooth area,which can be used to weld the geomembrane liners together.

Textured geomembrane liner
rought textured pond liner

The normal color of geomembrane is black color, because the geomembrane have the carbon black raw material. The carbon black material add the UV resistance of the geomembrane, and can have a longer life when exposed to the sunshine.

If the geomembrane donot have the carbon black material, the color is transparent, so other special colors can be done, for example, blue color, white color, green color, red color.

The color can be done at both sides, like double sides black color. we can also make one side black color, and another side white color, red color,green color or other colors

smooth geomembrane pond liner

Geomembrane Application

  • Aquaculture projects: fish ponds, shrimp ponds, industrialized aquaculture ponds.
  • Landfill&dump: capping,municipal, industrial, hazardous,sewage treatment plants, power plant pools, solid wastes.
  • Agriculture: Seepage control of reservoirs, water reservoirs, irrigation systems,animal waste.
  • Oil&gas:drill pad,fresh water pond,pit liner,flow-back water pond,secondary containment,oil containment and storage.
  • Water Managenment:water reservoir, laogoon,dam,canal,channels,water treatment.
  • Infrastructure:golf-course,coal ash,solar&pumped storage ponds,solar salt.
  • Alternative Energy:biogas digester,biogas generating pit,thermal energy storage .
  • Mining: heap leaching pads,tailing, evaporation ponds,caps and closures, final disposal reservoir

Popular Thickness Size
0.3mm 12mils 300 microns 1-8m width customized length
0.5mm 20mils 500 microns 1-8m width customized length
0.75mm 30mils 750 microns 1-8m width customized length
1mm 40mils 1000 microns 1-8m width customized length
1.5mm 60mils 1500 microns 1-8m width customized length
2mm 80mils 2000 microns 1-7m width customized length
geomembrane test
hdpe geomembrane test data
HDPE GEOMEMBRANE blowing film process

HDPE Geomembrane

HDPE geomembrane is named “High Density Polyethylene Geomembrane”,Thcikness range 0.3mm-3mm, max width 8m. The hdpe geomembrane Meet the ASTM GRI GM13 standard,have smooth surface and textured surface…View More About HDPE Geomembrane

lldpe geomembrane calendering process,

LLDPE Geomembrane

LLDPE geomembrane is made of Linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) resin.The thickness range 0.7mm-3mm, and max width 6m,The lldppe geomembrane meet the ASTM GRI GM17 standard,have smooth surface and textured surface …View More About LLDPE Geomembrane

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