1.5mm 60mil HDPE Geomembrane and 400gsm Nonwoven Geotextile for a landfill in Cambodia

Project Location: Cambodia

Products:1.5mm 60mils HDPE Geomembrane liner, 400g/sqm nonwoven geotextile, welding machines, welding rod,E lock.

Application: Landfill


The project manager sent an inquiry about HDPE geomembrane and Geotextile in December 2020, wanted to build a landfill for waste and garbage collector.The landfill project is a Cambodia government project, The landfill’s total area is 78184.19 square meters, 4 landfill ponds, the size of the pond is 150m*120m* 4m, total storage capacity is 288 000 cubic meters. The landfill design structure is one layer of geomembrane and one layer geotextile, the geomembrane is 100% virgin 1.5mm thickness ASTM GM13 HDPE liner, and the geotextile is 400g/sqm polyester/pet non woven geotextile. Meanwhile, the landfill project needs engineers to help with geomembrane and geotextile installation.

landfill subgrade

Our HDPE Geomembrane use the 100% virgin resin, under ISO9001 quality control system, the liner has good anti-seepage and impermeable properties and excellent mechanical performance. The corrosion resistance of 1.5mm high-density polyethylene geomembrane liner is very good, all meet the ASTM GRI GM13 standard, it is the best choice for landfill containments.

1.5mm hdpe geomembrane

After we talked with the geomembrane and geotextile price, and the customer check our sample quality, the project manager cooperated with us at last as he said we are very professional and can develop with them together. The geomembrane and geotextile order was placed in January 2021,and our production line produce the liner and fabric within 20days, our engineers made a project construction plan with customer,and shared our installation videos with them.The goods were delivery at first week of February, and our engineers went abroad to train construction at the end of February.

civil engineers in landfill site

landfill dump waste project

There are 3 teams for geomembrane geotextile installation, each team has 2 welding engineers who are mainly do welding process and 10 workers to help laying the geomembrane and geotextile. The video is that our engineers are training the customer engineers. The landfill project construction is finished after 20 days.

Earth Shield Environmental Co., Ltd is a geosynthetic manufacturer and solution provider integrating Engineering design, manufacturing, installation, guarantee in the Seepage control industry. With 3 geomembrane production lines and 4 geotextile lines,the geomembrane,geotextile all can be manufactured within 15days.Under ISO9001 quality control system, All the products are “100%virgin material! No recycled material!” The property meet the ASTM standard.The products are very popular in Southeast Asia, South America, Middle East, Africa and other countries and regions, also many agents there.The projects include aquaculture(fish shrimp ponds),environment protection(landfill,liquid treatment,power plant),mine(solar ponds,tailing reservoir dam, heap leaching ),agriculture(water reservoir,irrigation,artificial lake),oil&gas(fresh water,pit pond) and so on.We are doing our best to protect our environment!

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