HDPE Geomembrane for fish ponds liner landfill minging

The hdpe geomembrane is made of high density polyethylene material,with blowing film process.The hdpe liner bullble can be made to different width.The virgin material is transport, so the virgin material geomembrane is white color(transport), to add the uv-resistant property, the hdpe liner use carbon black material, the liner life is longer when exposed to the sun.

The hdpe geomembrane is waterproof,impermeable,nontoxic, high tensile strength, high elongation,puncture resistant,Uv-resistant, chemical resistant.The property meet the ASTM GM13 standard.

What is the function of geomembrane?

Waterproof,seepage control.

What is geomembrane sheet?

geomembrane liner roll, thickness 300 micron to 3000 micron.

What is HDPE lining?

HDPE lining is waterproof impermeable, is used to protect the water or waste water out,for example,water in fish shrimp ponds,leachate in landfill and mining projects, water in canals and dams.

Is HDPE waterproof?

Yes,the hdpe liner mainly application for waterproofing projects, like pond liner, landfill liner,water reservoir…

What are the disadvantages of HDPE?

Poor Weathering,Sensitive to Stress Cracking.

Is HDPE stronger than PVC?


Is HDPE plastic toxic?

No,our hdpe liner use 100%virgin resin,no any used material, very  safe and clean, nontoxic.

Is HDPE UV resistant?

Yes, our hdpe geomembrane liner have the carbon black, the uv-resistant proeprty is better, and last 20years exposed to the sun.

What is the best thickness for a pond liner?

0.75mm-1mm, all should be virgin pond liner.our customers in Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia fish ponds are satisfied with our pond liner.

HDPE Geomembrane liner applications:

landfill,landfill caps,lagoon,ming heap leach ponds,pond liner,agriculture pond liner, canal lining,water treatment reservoir,dam,animal husbandry and plant.