HDPE LLDPE geomembrane for fish pond liner

Now the fish ponds are very popular in many countries, like China, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Kenya, Thailand, Egypt, Peru, USA, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, etc. The fish farming ponds use the HDPE or LLDPE to save water, keep the water quality, and can have low maintenance costs with a high output.

fish pond liner

fish pond in Sri Lanka with 1mm hdpe geomembrane liner,video link https://youtu.be/rqizY3SurdE

Our HDPE liner and lldpe liner use 100%virgin resin, no recycled material. The geomembrane liner has a carbon black material, so it is UV resistant and can have a long life when exposed to the sun.

hdpe geomembrane liner for fish pond liner

geomembrane liner roll

Our aquaculture farm customers use 0.75mm thickness and 1mm thickness geomembrane liner for the ponds, and there are two kinds of ponds, one kind is in the ground, and another is above the ground.

The fish ponds in the ground need to finish the excavation firstly, and then lay the waterproof pond liner on the ground, then weld the geomembrane to make an impermeable containment.

LLDPE hdpe geomembrane liner for fish pond liner

fish shrimp pond in Malaysia with 0.75mm HDPE geomembrane liner

the fish ponds above the ground need the structure to support the pond liner, and the liner will be cut into the size and welded, lastly an impermeable fish tank.

LLDPE hdpe geomembrane liner for fish pond liner

fish tanks in Sri Lanka with 1mm geomembrane liner,video link  https://youtu.be/LxwL-qcyq3U

The HDPE geomembrane has better mechanical property data than lldpe geomembrane, like the tensile strength, puncture-resistant, and UV resistant.But the LLDPE is flexible,and cheaper price.

LLDPE hdpe geomembrane liner for fish pond liner

hdpe geomembrane liner rolls

For fish shrimp ponds project application, the lldpe pond liner is enough, it is waterproof, impermeable too, and have a low budget,the service life is nearly 8-10years.

hdpe geomembrane liner for fish pond liner

water ponds for shrimp project in China

Indonesia fish ponds videos please follow the youtube:https://youtu.be/EL-532Uz1hk

Philippines fish pond videos link:https://youtu.be/bcgGtXS99JY

Mexico fish pond videos link:https://youtu.be/2uHLW1nmr50

Give us your specs, and you will get wonderful ponds! Wish your business is booming!