High strength Polyester PET 600/50kn woven geotextile for railway construction

Geotextile is a kind of geosynthetic material, it is widely used in many kinds of engineering projects.Woven geotextile is one type of geotextile, it is made of polypropylene/PP or  polyester/Pet fabric.The weaving equipment and processes produce the geotextile as cloth shape, and woven geotextile can have different densities and specification according to different projects applications. Normally,the woven geotextiles have strong tensile strength in both vertical/MD and horizontal/CD directions.

Our woven geotextiles are made of industrial filaments fabric such as high-strength and high-modulus polyester filaments and polypropylenes. They have good physical and mechanical properties, oxidation resistance, and chemical stability.

The max tensile strength is 1200/50Kn/m for uniaxial  PET woven geotextile, 600/600KN/M for biaxial PET woven geotextile, and 300/300KN/m for biaxial PP woven geotextile.

The maximum width is 5.2 meter.

Here is a 600/50KN/m PET woven geotextile detail photo, this woven geotextile is used for railway project in Southeast Asia country.

6000/50KN PET woven geotextile

Our customer used one world famous brand woven geotextile, which is excellent quality,but client feel the price is too high, so he want to find another supplier with good quality and competitive price.

Our Woven geotextile features

  • Excellent stress/strain property, Resistant to stretch, tear, bursting and puncture, high mechanical strength
  • High long term design strength with low creep effects
  • Speed up in construction with no loss of stability, Large abrasion coefficient, less sliding during construction
  • Resistance to outward movement of the embankment
  • Long term properties for performance over the lifetime of the structure
  • Customized size for different projects design
  • Good chemical resistance, Anti-corrosion

Our customer find us on the google, and contact us about this 600/50KN/m woven geotextile, He care more about the specification and quality firstly, so he ask about some samples to check the geotextile quality at beginning.His message as following.


Many pcs of free samples,200/50KN 400/50KN and 600/50Kn,were sent at one time.The client received the samples after 10days and provided it to the project owner,the owner had a test about the quality.After 2months,the test result is that all the specification is excellent as famous brand geotextile they used.Good news as following.

So our client are very satisfied with our quality and price, and confirm the order within 3days, 1*40ft container, and we produce it within 16days,the loading photo as following.

Meanwhile our clients ask for more samples and hope to do marketing for this products,his marketing team study the products and to suggest it to many projects. The products have big potential market there,he want to be our exclusive agency.The cooperation is ongoing.

Woven geotextile specification

The 600/50KN/m PET woven geotextile datasheet:

Itesm Standard Units Datasheet
Strength@Ultimate(MD/CD) ISO 10319 kN/m 600/50
Elongation (MD) ISO 10319 % 10±2
CBR Strength ISO 12236 N 9000
Creep Reduced Strength at 120years kN/m 420
Long Term Design Strength at 120years kN/m 360
Opening Size ISO 12956 mm 0.425 Customized


Woven geotextile applications

Basal Reinforcement Solutions,Subgrade Filtration Reinforcement,Load-bearing platform reinforcement,Soft foundation reinforcement

Woven geotextile is good in water permeability, filter, durability, and can be widely used in railways, roads, stadia, dam, hydraulic projects, tunnels, coastal beaches, reclamation, environmental engineerings, etc.

Our client project phots for reference.

high strength 600/50KN PET woven geotextile for railway construction