How long does HDPE liner last

The lifetime of hdpe liner is a normal question, but the answer is not accurate, because the hdpe geomembrane liner applicaiton environment is not same.

hdpe geomembrane liner

The hdpe geomembrane liner is made of high-density polyethylene resin and carbon black material,and the formulation can be changed according to different applications, so the lifetime maybe different.

hdpe geomembrane liner resin

The lifetime of HDPE geomembrane liner is affected by the UV, Oxidation, chemical, Biological, temperature and other items. According to  GRI white paper, there are two lifetime, one is  covered hdpe geomembrane liner  lifetime ,and another is exposed life time of hdpe liner.The life time of buried hdpe geomembrane liner in the solid waste project is predicted from 446years at 20℃,to 69years at 40℃,but the  Exposed geomembrane lifetime is not sure, the lifetime of exposed geomembrane liner is predicted to have a 36years lifetime, but the test is not finished.

hdpe geomembraneliner roll

Our company HDPE geomembrane liner is widely used for fish ponds, landfills, water reservoir,dams, mining projects.

hdpe geomembrane liner for fish ponds

hdpe geomembrane liner for landfill

hdpe geomembrane liner for oil project

hdpe geomembrane liner for water treatment

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