How much does geomembrane cost?

The geomembrane is more and more popular for many projects, for example, fish pond, water dam, water treatment, landfill,mining, root barrier,biogas and so on. However, some customer donot know the geomembrane cost, and donot know how to choose a suitable geomembrane for their projects.

Our pe geomembrane is made from 100% virgin  polyethylene resin,no any recycled used material.The geomembrane property is guaranteed, and the lifetime is long.

The geomembrane cost includes the initial material cost, installation cost, also maintenance cost, and lifetime cost.

The initial material cost

The initial material cost is mostly decided by the material quality.Some factories use the secondary used material for the hdpe geomembrane,although the material cost is very low, but do you think the maintenance cost and lifetime cost.

The virgin pe geomembrane resin has a high property,and for big civil engineering projects,water treatment, landfill,mining projects, the geomembrane should have a higher technical data.The geomembrane material cost will become higher, but the material ensure the lifetime for these engineering projects. For example, our virgin hdpe geomembrane has 10-20years life for fish pond,irrigation water ponds,and 40-60years for landfill mining projects.

If you donot know how to confirm the material quality and the geomembrane quality, our engineers can help to confirm and choose the right geomembrane.

The installation cost and maintenance cost

The installation cost is affected by the geomembrane quality.If the virgin geomembrane quality, the welding machines efficiency is high, however the recycled material geomembrane will reduce the welding speed.The project has to take more people and time to finish the installation.This will increase the total project cost.

Meanwhile,once you choose the recycled material geomembrane, the projects failure will come soon.The failure will bring you troubles to repair,which is time and money waste.

The lifetime cost

The lifetime cost is not obvious, but the lifetime cost is sometimes disregarded.

Average lifespan should also be taken into consideration before your order. A geomembrane possessing a successful performance record for over 30 years might cost more at the beginning, but the return on investment will be greater than that of a geomembrane with a lower initial cost that will only last 5 to 15 years. Which kind would you choose?

If you have a pond to install the geomembrane, do not buy any geomembrane before talking to our engineers, they could help you to find the right material for your pond.