How to choose geomembrane liner in the complicated market?

With the strengthening of environmental awareness all over the world, geomembrane, as the last irreplaceable barrier to protect the earth’s soil and water resources from being polluted, has been increasingly valued and adopted. Due to the increased market competition, it is inevitable that some fraudulent suppliers use some concealed methods to grab the market with illogical low prices, which will eventually lead to problems such as leakage in the customer’s anti-seepage project, resulting in irreversible ecological pollution and major economic losses.  So how to avoid falling into their traps? As senior practitioners, we will explain you their common tricks, as well as some suggestions from being trapped.

The 1st common trick you may meet is: Selling seconds at best quality prices, that is to say, manufacturing geomembrane with unknown recycled resin instead of 100% virgin raw material.  The raw materials of these recycled resins are complex, including medical waste, waste oil drums, chemical containers, etc. The recycled resin may contain impurities such as viruses, heavy metals, and dangerous chemicals; In addtion, the quality of recycled resin is unstable, if the geomembrane processed by this kind of recycled resin is used in engineering anti-seepage projects or aquacultures, the result is pollutants will slowly precipitate out of the geomembrane, it is definitely extremely harmful to the soil, groundwater and human body. Moreover, the geomembrane produced with recycled resin is very easily to lead to risks like rupture and leakage, which will bring you too much headache in the near future!

Suggestions: DO select high-quality, brand-new materials specially for geomembrane, to ensure environmental and personal safety. Our quality all satisfy ASTM-GRI GM13 standard; and all of our products come with certificates including CE Certificate, ISO 9001 Certificate; ISO 14001 Certificate, and ISO 45001 Certificate; in addition, the specification is tested and controlled throughout the whole manufacturing process to ensure that it is absolutely safe. (If you have no idea about how to distinguish new and recycled geomembranes, please just feel free to contact our professional sales)

The 2nd common trick you may meet is: The thickness is substandard. In order to save costs and make more money, some suppliers will reduce the thickness of the geomembrane customized by the customer, for example, 1.5mm to 1.2mm. You may think it is very easy to tell, or you can measure the thickness very easily, but these substandard geomembrane are always made to reach the required thickness on both sides; but in the middle, wherever is hard to measure the thickness, the thicknesses are reduced. Such kind of the problems of geomembrane is difficult to be recognized if it is not carefully inspected. If this kind of geomembrane used in anti-seepage projects, no problems in a short time; however, over time, if there is any leakage in the project, the loss will far exceeds the value of the geomembrane.

 Suggestions: As soon as receiving the goods, you can use a thickness measuring to conduct a comprehensive measurement of the middle and surrounding areas of the geomembrane to avoid the above problems. Whoever ordering our products, please ask our sales to attach a thickness measuring instrument to your goods for your measurement.

The 3rd common trick you may meet is: The specifications are not up to standard, especially the length. For example, the length of the geomembrane marked 100 meters, but the actual length maybe only 90 meters. Generally speaking, it is inconvenient for customers to find a suitable place to measure the length. Some supplies just take the advantage of this point to save cost; as a result, the interest of customers will be greatly compromised.

Suggestions: To calculate the weight of one roll of geomembrane, the weight of geomembrane=(the length) X (the width) X (the thickness of the geomembrane) X (the specific gravity 0.94). After receiving your goods, spot check the roll weight of the geomembrane. If the weight is not as expected, it means you are cheated on workmanship and materials. Please just feel free to consult our professional sales to calculate the weight of your geomembrane rolls to check.

The above three points are common seen tricks. Please stick to your own ideas and don’t blindly pursue the lowest price. The lowest price often hides more risks. If you find the above problems and go back to trace, you will face huge claim cost, time cost and energy.

Our company’s commitment to our customers is never to use even one grain of recycled material. We are the last defence for environment-protection! We are keeping responsible for the environment, for our customers and ourselves!