How to Choose The Right Mining Geomembranes?

The mining industry are more and more popular in recent years,Heap leaching projects has become the preferred method of recovering minerals,like Copper, gold, silver and other metals are most common.  The metal are dissolved by chemicals applied to the top of the heap, which eventually leach to the bottom of the pile. Here a mining geomembrane liner captures the solution preventing it from migrating into the ground, before directing the solution by gravity to a collection system.  The solution is sent to a refinery where the metal can be precipitated out and the solution sent back to the heap to be used again to dissolve more metal.

On average, The mining geomembranes experience 4 holes per hectare  after they are installed. Estimated leakage through these holes ranges from 340 to 3,400 liters per hectare per day.That is a big cost for the mining.With a reliable long time mining operation deponds on the products of meeting on site demands and lower cost.

our HDPE mining geomembrane are installed in many mining projects,all the projects are very successful, and the mining geomembrane is proven to be durable, dependable and cost-effective containment solution in mining projects.

With 20years geosynthetic industry experience, we are glad to help to choose the right mining geomembrane for customers, this article will help you to choose the right mining geomembrane.

  1. Introduciton

There are many material for mining geomembrane, for example, HDPE,lldpe, PVC, RPE,XR,EPDM and so on.

HDPE mining geomembrane liners are the preferred product for mining projects. HDPE mining liners are resistant to many different chemicals and are the most widely used geomembrane liner in the world. The HDPE mining geomembrane is less flexible than LLDPE geomembrane, it provides higher mechnical strength and can bear higher temperatures. Its excellent chemical and ultraviolet resistance properties make it an extremely cost-effective product.

LLDPE mining geomembrane is manufactured from virgin polyethylene resins too, offering high flexibility and good resistance to low temperature and ultraviolet exposure. High-quality and economical, it is intended for long life and exhibits a high degree of strength and durability.

PVC mining geomembrane is a highly flexible thermoplastic waterproofing geomembrane manufactured from a mixture of vinyl compounds, plasticizers, and stabilizers. PVC mining geomembranes offer excellent puncture, abrasion, and tear resistance and work to prevent contaminants from entering the groundwater to preserve potable water sources. Its wide range of chemical compatibility also makes it the best choice for buried geomembrane applications.

RPE mining geomembranes are a reinforced polyethylene fabric with an HDPE or LDPE coating, RPE mining geomembrane liners are extremely durable if you are making a temporary retaining pond. If to build a soil remediation pond, RPE mining geomembrane makes for an excellent remediation solution. UV, chemical, and even oil-resistant, RPE remains flexible in extremely low temperatures.

EPDM mining geomembrane liner is an unreinforced, highly flexible material that is also durable. It feels like rubber, this UV-stable product has excellent tensile strength, is highly resistant to punctures, and weathering. EPDM mining geomembrane liners are an excellent choice for exposed applications or as water barriers within earthed dams. Its easy installation also makes it a favorite for backyard landscapers.

XR reinforced mining geomembrane liners are high-performance geomembranes. XR reinforced mining geomembranes are specifically engineered to perform in a wide range of climates and resist broad chemical classes, including acids, oils, and methane.

The mining geomembrane is one kind of geosynthetic products, also named hdpe geomembrane,it is waterproof impermeable, and chemical resistant,puncture resistant barrier, it can stop the mining leachate from leaking into the soil and underground water.The mining geomembrane can help the mining project to be a containment, the the mining geomembrane is the barrier of the leak.

The mining geomembrane is made of 100% virgin high quality raw material,the raw material is high density polyehtylene material with carbon black material.The high density polyehtylene have high tensile strength, and elongation,can bear the chemical waste.

Mining geomembrane is made of the resin at special formula,the property can meet the ASTM gri gm13 standard,our mining geomembrane pass the third party lab test too.

We have some water treatment,landfill,mining projects in the geosynthetic industry.Please contact our guy to get the photos and videos.

  1. mining geomembrane thickness selection

For the mining projects, the project is very big and very deep.Considering the weight of the mining material and the high pressure of the gas,the mining geomembrane property should be high enough. For example, the tensile strength and elongation, and puncture resistant,tear resistance.

According to most customers in the mining projects, the 2mm thickness hdpe mining geomembrane is highly suggested, ASTM GM13 standard property, 80mils thickness,and can be more than 2mm thickness if possible.

Considering the budget and project design, the 1.5mm thickness is also workable for the mining projects,and the property meet the ASTM GM13 standard too.

All the mining geomembrane should use the 100% virgin resin,and the thickness no minus tolerance to ensure the geomembrane liners data.

Besides the mining geomembrane thickness,the surface is also import for the mining projects. The double sides smooth surface geomembrane is widely used, and there is also special surface, like one side smooth one side textured, double sides textured.The textured surface can have a friction, to keep the mining geomembrane stable and the project safety.

  1. Mining Geomembranes Material Selection

HDPE mining geomembrane liners are the preferred product for mining projects. HDPE mining geomembrane is less flexible than LLDPE geomembrane liner,but it provides higher technical strength and can bear higher temperatures. Its excellent chemical and ultraviolet resistance properties make it an extremely cost-effective product.


The mining geomembrane use high density polyethylene material and carbon black material, the hdpe material percentage is 97.5%, and carbon black 2.5%.

Mining geomembrane demand the most durable containment lining systems. Mining geomembranes are exposed to the elements and must be able to both protect the environment and protect against solution loss, so your precious metals, and profits, don’t get washed away.

We are the geomembrane supplier in China,provides the best mechanical and enhanced endurance properties of any HDPE geomembrane liner available on the market, even in the harshest conditions.

Mining geomembrane help to contain the brine within the evaporation ponds, improve salt harvesting and reduce precipitation. Our mining geomembrane liners provide high chemicalresistance to high concentrations of salts for extended periods, provide very low permeability, and offer a high UV resistance.

  1. Mining Geomembranes Color Selection

The mining geomembrane color is black normally, because the black mining geomembrane is uv resistant.The mining geomembrane have carbon black material, which add the uv resistant property, can have a longer service life under the sunshine condition.

And some projects have special design, like white color, or one side black one side white, all the color can be done by our company.

The white color can reflect the sunshine to the surface, to lower down the surface temperature,so it is used in some special site.

Besides this, the green gray colors are both available, if the projects have special design, the production can meet.

5.Mining Geomembranes Safety

The mining geomembrane can be used for 60years even 100years under the ground, without the sunshine, the mining geomembrane can have a longer time to keep the mining project safety and stable.

The mining geomembrane quality is also affected by the installation, which is very very important. the mining geomembrane quality is excellet, if the installation teams are not professional, there would be holes and leaks,which make the total project a failure.

To ensure the mining geomembrane safety, the professional construcion teams are necessary.

Engineers use safety factors to reduce risk when doing heap leach pads or other mining constructs, and safety factors create a margin between rated limits and failure points. For example, most mines rely on slopes to help improve mining efficiency by enabling taller builds or introducing gravity to create flow into trenches or holding ponds. By using a liner or slope-stabilization fabric with improved shear performance, installers can incorporate improved factors of slope stability to reduce the risk of failure.

These liners function by adding textured surface that increase the interface friction strengths between the membrane and the subgrade and other liner material. The texture digs into the geotextile/slope stabilization fabric, soil or geocomposite to prevent sliding and other movements. Geosynthetic products, like geogrids, can also help reinforce other soil structures like berms, embankments and crusher walls.

Mining operations use acids and other toxic chemicals in various processes. Installers can use low-permeability products such as geosynthetic clay liners (GCL) or geomembranes to avoid environmental contamination. These liners can help create safer pregnant solution trenches and other on-site containment spaces. A mine’s service life is often dynamic, but one constant is the eventual need for closure. Engineers can minimize the environmental impact of post-mining operations by isolating mining zones with a capping system. For example, tailings or heap leach closures can reduce acid rock drainage from entering the groundwater. Most closure solutions typically incorporate multiple products for padding, protection, low permeability, drainage and stability.

  1. Mining Geomembranes Price

Considering the project site,technical data,and size requirments,The mining geomembrane price is different, the 2mm thickness hdpe mining geomembrane price is $3/sqm – $5/sqm.

Another item is the raw material price trend and exchange rate, these will have a affect on the mining geomembrane price.

Thickness Property SIZE Quantity
The thicker thickness,the higher price The higher property, the higher price Special size, the higher price The more quantity,

The cheaper price

The mining geomembrane price is also decided by the installation, now the labor cost become higher and higher, if professional team, the installation cost can be lower.

  1. Mining Geomembranes Factory/Supplier

We are a manufacturer and supplier of mining geomembrane liners.With 20years geosynthetic liners experience and ISO quality control system, our mining geomembrane liner property meet the ASTM TRI GM13 standard, and have many third party lab test report.

We are a geosynthetic manufacturer and solution provider in the seepage control industry. Insist on To be the last defense of the environment, no leak and no contamination!

The main products are geomembrane, geotextile, other GCL Geonet product can be provided.

Our projects including aquaculture(fish/shrimp ponds),environment(landfill,liquid treatment,power plant),mine(gold,tailing, heap leach ),agriculture(water reservoir,irrigation,artificial lake),oil&gas(fresh water,pit pond) and so on.

we have 3production lines of mining geomembrane liners, can delivery 1*40Feet container geomembrane liners every two days.

Under the ISO9001 quality system, our QAQC check the quality every time,to test the thickness, tensile strength, elongation, tear resistance and puncture resistance.If there is failure, the produciton will stop until the production process is update to success.

The mining geomembrane samples can be sent in advance to check the quality, and do the lab test in thrid party labs.


  •  What is the minimum thickness mm of geomembrane has to be used in Mining?

For mining projects, the minimum thickness of geomembrane is 1.5mm thcikness, which should be protected by the geotextile.

The 1.5mm hdpe geomembrane should meet the ASTM GM13 standard,use the 100% virgin raw material.


To choose a right mining geomembrane, we can help you with the mining geomembrane,We have 20years industry experience, and many projects experience, we can supply the products and help with the construcion to save your cost and time.

To choose a right mining geomembrane, you should take care of the material, thickness, property, and the size,and also the installation team,these items are important for the success of the mining projects.