How to install geomembrane?

The install process of geomembrane is as follows:

Subgrade Preparation → Geomembrane Placement → Seaming Procedures → Pipe and Structure Penetration Sealing System →Anchor Trench→Disposal of Scrap Materials

1.Subgrade Preparation

Before geomembrane placement, the subgrade shall be guaranteed to meet the design requirements and meet the quality and safety requirements.

Geomembrane and welding rods Materials and quality shall meet the design requirements and relevant standards.

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All tools must be handled and put carefully, and must not be thrown or replayed. It is strictly forbidden for hot tools to touch the geomembrane.

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Materials in the process of loading, unloading, handling shall not use any equipment that may cause mechanical damage to the material, pull, lift or roll up, do not allow some uncontrolled expansion method, handle carefully.

The geomembrane subgrade shall be uniform and free of sharp or angular objects that may damage the geomembrane prior to installation of the geomembrane.

2.Geomembrane Placement

The geomembrane shall be installed to the limits shown on the project drawings and essentially as shown on approved panel layout drawings.

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Open the anti-seepage geomembrane roll on the open space and cut it into the required shape according to the predetermined plan.

The geomembrane placement to avoid artificial damage, should be smooth, with a reasonable choice of laying direction,to reduce the joint tensile strength.

Choose the best way to place the geomembrane (to reduce the number of welding seam and save material) to avoid man-made damage in the process, geomembrane adjacent welding seam overlap according to the “T” glyph.Considering the geomembrane deformation expansion amount, generally 1% to 4%, depending on the project situation, to prevent the damage of geomembrane as deformation of foundation.

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All geomembrane must be pressed immediately with sandbags or other heavy objects to prevent the geomembrane from being blown up or pulled out of the anchor trench.

3.Seaming Procedures

Climatic conditions for welding geomembrane:

(1) the atmospheric temperature is between 4-40℃;

(2) dry conditions, especially excessive moisture such as fog or dew;

(3) the wind speed shall not be greater than 4 grade

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Hot melt welding

The geomemembers must overlap 10-15cm before welding, and the geomemembers must be adjusted to minimize the possibility of folding.

The geomembrane surface area must be cleaned before welding and ensure that there is no water, dust,or any debris.

Extrusion welding

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The welded overlap should be 7.5cm, and the welding area shall be cleaned to ensure that the area is clean and free from water, dust, garbage or any debris.

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Hot air weng can only be used for heating and bonding of geomembrane modules. Be careful not to damage the geomembrane, and polishing should not damage the geomembrane.

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The welding rods must be kept clean and dry.

4.Pipe and Structure Penetration Sealing System

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Penetration sealing system shall be provided as shown in the Project Drawings.Penetrations shall be constructed from the base geomembrane material, flat stock,prefabricated boots and accessories as shown on the Project Drawings. The prefabricated or field fabricated assembly shall be field welded to the geomembrane as shown on the Project Drawings to prevent leakage.

5.Anchor Trench

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Shall be constructed as specified on the project drawings.

6.Disposal of Scrap Materials

On completion of installation, the Geomembrane Installer shall dispose of all trash and scrap material in a location approved by the Owner, remove equipment used in connection with the work herein, and shall leave the premises in a neat acceptable manner. No scrap material shall be allowed to remain on the geomembrane surface.

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Geomembrane install done!

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