Earth Shield Environmental HDPE Geomembrane Liner for Landfill

With 12years geomembrane manufacturing experience, Earth Shield Environmental geomembrane liner is widely used for the landfill projects. The geomembrane liner use 100%virgin material, no any recycled material, using blowing film process, the high-density polyethylene HDPE property meets ASTM GM13 standard,the geomembrane liner life in landfill can be more than 60years.

Here are some photos of landfill projects.

1.This landfill is located in China, the area is total 150000sqm, for municipal solid waste and power plant waste. This landfill use 2mm thickness HDPE geomembrane liner at bottom, and 1mm HDPE liner for capping.

mine project geomembrane liner

2.Philippines landfill 8000sqm, using 1.5mm HDPE geomembrane liner.

3.This is Indonesia landfill, 6200sqm, using 2mm ASTM GM13 HDPE geomembrane liner,for solid waste.

Indonesia landfill