Oil Gas Mud pit liner

2021year, a Sudan customer sent us an inquiry about mud pit liner.The mud pid liner is for a oil gas tender,with the following requriements.

Type Environmentally-friendly Exterior, colour Black.Dimention (length×width×thickness) 50m×6m×1.0mm, Density ≥ 0.940g/cm3, Content of Carbon Black (%) 2.0~3.0%, Applicable temperature (℃) -20~50 Tensile break strength (N/mm) ≥27 Elongation at break (%) ≥700 Tear resistance (N) ≥125 Water vapor penetration coefficient (g.cm/(cm2.s.Pa)) ≤1.0*10-13 Oxidative induction time (min) ≥100 Puncture strength (N) ≥320.

The requirement of the mud pit liner is very clear and high, the pit liner property meets the ASTM GM13 standard.

Our company mud pit liner use 100% virgin raw material, no recycled material. The mud pit liner production process follows the ISO 9001 quality system,so our mud pit liners property meet even exceed the ASTM GM13 standard requirement. The mud pit liner has passed the third-party test from SGS, TUV,BV, TRI labs.

mud pit liner

mud pit liner

For this tender, the mud pit liner is 1mm in thickness.our mud pit liner use the blowing film process, use the 97.5% high densty polyethylene resin and 2.5% carbon black resin. The 6m width is normal width, and 50m length is no problem. After the mud pit liner production, the pit liner samples will be made and factory test will be done firstly.

After talking with the customer, our pit liner production videos photos and ISO quality certifications are sent to the customer. The pit liner third-party test reports are sent together to check.

oil gas mud pit liner

oil gas mud pit liner

Considering the mud pit liner material, there are different material for the pit liner, 100% virgin raw material, recycled material, and others.Our engineers give some suggestions about how to know the difference between virgin and recycled material pit liner.

The tender of mud pit liner documents are recomended to be provided by bidders: 1. Product Quality Certification with stamps of manufacturer 2. Third-Party Technical Test Certificate with stamps 3. Authorization letter with manufacturer 4. Specifications sheet with stamps of manufacturer 5. Quality Management System Certificate of manufacturer.

All the certificaitons of mud pit liners, the technical test certificate,and authorization letter,and TDS sheet are all sent to customers to do the bidding,and we send A4 samples to customers to check the quality by his team.the customer is very satisfied with our products and service, and the samples test result is very good,exceed the tender requirement. The sudan customer choose our copmany as his supplier and do the bidding together.

If you have the mud pit liner inquiry, or you want to do the oil gas projects, our hdpe geomembrane pit liner can support you well, high property with a competitive price.

Welcome your inquiry,our projects photos and videos will be sent to you, and our engineers can help with your projects construcion.