Waterproof UV resistant Aquaculture Pond Liner

Now the fish ponds are very popular in many countries, like China, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Kenya, Thailand, Egypt, Peru, USA, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, etc. The fish farming ponds use the HDPE or LLDPE pond liner to save water, keep the water quality, and can have low maintenance costs with a high output.

fish tank pond liner

Malaysia shrimp pond

Malaysia shrimp pond with 0.7mm hdpe geomembrane liner

Our pond liner is waterproof,impermeable membrane, it cover the bottom of the ponds. The liner also prevents the water out of the ponds,and other contaminants into the ponds. A pond liner can protects against water out of pond, but also it becomes a barrier to keep contaminants from entering. The water will not mix with the soil and waste,the farmer can control water quality and keeping the pond clean. The farmers don’t have to worry about fertilizers, bug sprays, or any other chemicals seeping through the ground and getting into your ponds. The purity of the water can help maintain a healthier environment for fish and shrimp. Pond liners also prevent erosion around the ponds. If farmers use a natural bottom, rain and temperatures can cause the edges of the pond to wear away which can significantly change the pond’s shape and size.

Philippines fish pond 1mm pond liner

What is the advantage of the pond liner?

  • 1. Water storage: Due to its low permeability, fish pond liner has good water storage performance to prevent the water from seeping into the soil, monitor the water level, and save related water conservation costs.
  • 2. Water quality stability: The aquaculture pond liner can maintain the balance of water quality and PH, reduce changes in water conditions, and reduce the cost and time of water quality control.
  • 3. Oxygen content: The pond liner can reduce the loss of oxygen caused by infiltration into the soil, facilitate the monitoring of the oxygen content in the water, and reduce the electricity cost of supplementing oxygen.
  • 4. Reduce maintenance cost: Because the fish pond liner itself is tensile strength, tear resistant, puncure resistant and UV-resistant, can have a longer life.
  • 5. System stability: Compared with digging a pond directly, using a pond liner can stabilize the slope. It is beneficial to eliminate the threats caused by wind, rain, waves and other natural conditions, and maintain the system stability at the time of design to prevent the loss of farmed crops due to the damage caused by the environment in the fish pond. The stability of the system, of course, also reduces the cost of maintaining the earthwork of the fish farm.
  • 6. Increase output: there will be no weeds, sludge, and other things affecting the fishing speed, so harvesting with net or pond draining can be carried out efficiently. and the vitality and freshness of fish and shrimp will be greatly enhanced.
  • 7. Reduce Disease hazard: After using pond liner, the contact between the soil and the water is blocked, the chemical substances in the soil can not be transmitted, reducing the possibility of disease transmission.
  • 8. Pond cleaning: it will be easy and fast to clean the pond, And it is easy to install a clean drainage system in the pond.
  • 9. Improve the breeding cycle: After using ponod liner, it is easy to clean and harvest, saving a lot of cost time, which can speed up the cultivation of fish ponds and increase the production.

Our aquaculture farm customers use 0.5mm 0.75mm or 1mm thickness geomembrane pond liner for the ponds,Our pond liner lifespan is 8-20years

There are two kinds of ponds, one kind is in the ground, and another is above the ground. What kind are you building?

fish pond liner geomembrane

fish pond liner geomembrane

How to choose the right pond liner?

Considering the fish shrimp ponds construction and pondliner features,here are some items to choose a good pond liner for reference:Flexible(to cover the edges of ponds,easy to install),High Tensile strength and Puncture resistance,UV resistance,Non-toxic,environment friendly,Long service life and Cheap price.

our hdpe and lldpe geomembrane pond liner use 100%virgin resin,no recycled material, our liner is waterproof, impermeable, and UV resistant, the production line follow ISO9001 quality control system, the property meets ASTM standard,service life is 8-30years exposed to the sun.Our fish pond can meet your requirement and our engineers can help with construction. How long is your pond liner now?

hdpe geomembrane liner resin

HDPE GEOMEMBRANE blowing film process

How to install the pond liner?

The fish ponds in the ground need to finish the excavation firstly and then lay the waterproof pond liner on the ground, then weld the geomembrane to make an impermeable containment.

the fish ponds above the ground need the structure to support the pond liner, and the liner will be cut into the size and welded, lastly an impermeable fish tank.

For fish shrimp ponds project application, our flexible pond liner is enough, it is waterproof, impermeable too, and has a low budget, the service life is nearly 8-10years, no any recycled material.

1.Subgrade Preparation

2.Geomembrane Placement

3.Seaming Procedures

shrimp pond in Malaysia

Our Indonesia customer fish ponds videos please follow the youtube:https://youtu.be/EL-532Uz1hk.

Philippines customer fish pond videos link:https://youtu.be/bcgGtXS99JY.

Mexico customer fish pond videos link:https://youtu.be/2uHLW1nmr50.

What machines are needed to weld the pond liner?

For the fish pond and fish tank, the pond liner should be welded together to become a large pond liner, the hot wedge welding machin is necessary, normally 800W welder is ok for fish pond liner,which can weld 0.3-1mm thickness liner. To do repairment of the fish ponds, the hot air machine and extrusion welding machine are needed,they can do the edge and the leak repariment.

geomembrane welding machine

extrusion welding machine

What problems do you have about pond liner?

The pond liner may have leaks for three reasons,which is a big problem,can cause time waste and loss.

The leaks are usually caused by Puncture or tears in the liner, Seam leaks,Aging or deterioration.

Puncture and tears:the sharpe stone,tree roots become a risk and potential damage of a liner hole, once the liner is installed,the water weight will make the sharp object to puncture the pond liner.

Seam leaks: The pond liner is welded together by many sheets of liners. The welding joint will become a leak if not stable.

Aging and deterioration: The pond liner is exposed to the sun mostly, so the liner should be resistant to uv and bad weather.So the Carbon black in our geomembrane liner is workable.

agriculture irrigation pond liner

Fish farms or fish farming is a form of aquaculture. The act of fish farming is about raising fish commercially in tanks or enclosures for human consumption. There are different types of fish farms that utilize different aquiculture methods.Aquaculture ponds,fish pond, shrimp ponds,now are popular in the world, especially in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries and areas.The farmers use 0.5mm 0.75mm 1mm(20mil 30mil 40mil)thickness liner, and the pond liner is virgin resin polyethylene material.

geomembrane pond liner

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