Non Woven Geotextile

Nonwoven geotextile is a geosynthetic material made of synthetic fibers.There are Polyester/PET staple short fiber nonwoven geotextile, filament long fier nonwoven geotextile and Polypropylene/PP nonwoven geotextile.The nonwoven geotextile is light weight, high tensile strength, good permeability, high temperature resistance, freeze resistance, aging resistance and corrosion resistance.

Functions of Non woven geotextile: Separate,Filter,Drainage,Reinforcement,protection,Puncture resistant.

Mass weight:100gsm 150gsm 200gsm 250gsm 300gsm 400gsm 500gsm 600gsm 700gsm 800gsm

Width range:1m-6m

Material:Polyester/PET, Polypropylene/PP. All geotextile is 100%virgin material.

Non woven geotextile

Production Process

According to different raw materials, non-woven geotextiles are divided into two types: staple fiber needle-punched non-woven geotextile and filament spunbond needle-punched non-woven geotextile.

The staple fiber needle-punched non-woven geotextile is made of staple fiber polyester or polypropylene. First, the fabric bag is opened, then it is sucked into the material box, and then squeezed to compact to calender. Roller stretch out the net, and then spread the fabric. Generally, 4 to 5 layers of fabric are laid, and then stretched through pre-needling, barbed, and main-needling processes, and trimmed to form the geotextile.

Filament spunbonded needle-punched non-woven geotextile is made of polyester chips, which are melted and plasticized at high temperature, punched into a fabric, and formed by needle punching and consolidation.

geotextile nonwoven

Geotextile packing

The geotextile width is 5.8m normally, can be loaded in container easilly.

The geotextile length is 50m, 100m normally, can be customized.

The geotextile is packed in plastic film(black or transparent), or woven bags.

The package can be customized according to your requirments with your logo.

nonwoven geotextile packing


Road,highways,railways, embankments,airport.

landfill,waste treatment,mine tailing projects

road project
1.5mm hdpe geomembrane for landfill


What is non woven geotextile fabric?

-Non woven geotextile is a geosynthetic product made by polypropylene or  polyester fibres by needle punching, calendering and other methods.

What is the purpose of geotextile?

-Separate, filter, reinforcement, protection, or drain.

What is the difference between woven and nonwoven geotextile fabric?

-The difference is how they’re manufactured.Woven geotextile is woven with industrial looms ,and non woven geotextile is manufactured by needle punch process.

What is the difference between geotextile and geomembrane?

-Geomembrane is made of  polyethylene, which is mainly used for seepage control;Geotextile is made of polyester or polypropylene  fabric, which is mainly used to strengthen the foundation.

How do you cut geotextile fabric?

– A sharp blade of scissors