Woven Geotextile-High strength low elongation PET PP geotextile

Woven geotextile is a new geotextile weft and warp crossly woven. Raw materials are PET filament, PP filament and PP slit film. The raw materials is woven after being warped. Filament woven geotextile is high strength, low elongation, durability and anti-corrosion,stable structure with good engineering parameters,

Woven geotextileis widely used for hydraulic engineering, coasts, roads, railways, tunnels, bridges and other geotechnical engineering to fulfill the functions of reinforcement, isolation, anti-filter and protection.

The features of woven geotextile: High strength, Durability,Corrosion resistance,Water permeability,Convenient storage and transportation.

Applications:Soil Separation, Stabilization and Reinforcement Applications.



Polyester/PET, Polypropylene/PP


Max5.4m, Normal 5.2m

Unit weight




Production Photo

pet woven geotextile 200-200
pp woven geotextile
PP woven geotextile


What is woven geotextile?

-Woven geotextile is textile materials weft and warp crossly woven .

What is woven geotextile used for?

– Stabilization or reinforcement projects

What is woven geotextile fabric made from?

-Polyester/PET, Polypropylene/PP

How are geotextiles used in civil engineering?

-Soil Separation, Stabilization and Reinforcement