The Earthshields Geosynthetic products are widely used for aquaculture, agriculture, water management, environment protection,mining applications,oil&gas containments, and infrastruture,alternative energy projects.The geomembrane and geotextile solutions can be provided to you from our professional engineers.

Aquaculture Industry/fish farming

Fish pond/Shrimp pond

Geomembrane pond liner thickness:0.5mm 0.75mm 1mm

Size:5.8*100m or customized

water reservoir pond

Agriculture/ irrigation

rain storage/Water reservoir

Pond liner thickness:0.75mm 1mm 1.5mm

Size:5.8*100,7*100,8*100m or customzied

hdpe geomembrane liner for water treatment

Water management/water treatment

Canal/Artificial Lake/Dam/Ditch/lagoon

Geomembrane thickness: 1mm,1.5mm

Geotextile weight:200g-400g

Size:7*100 or customzied

1.5mm 2mm ASTM GM13 Landfill hdpe geomembrane liner for landfill

Environment protection

Landfill /dump/waste treatment

Geomembrane thickness:1.5mm,2mm

Geotextile weight:400g-1000g

size:7*100 8*100 or customized

Mining projects

Heap leach Pads/Tailing Storage Facility/Evaporation Ponds

Geomembrane thickness:1.5mm,2mm

Geotextile: 400g-1000g

size:7*100 8*100m or customized

hdpe geomembrane liner for oil project

OIl gas industry

Fresh water pond/flow back pond/well pad/pit ond

Geomembrane: 1mm 1.5mm 2mm

Geotextile: 200g-800g

road project


road, highway,railway