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Agriculture Water Storage

Irrigation and water storage are big challenges for farmers across the world. As the human population grows and the demand for water, an important element in both production and manufacturing processes. With water resource limited by climate and local geology, better control of water resources is critically important all over the world.

hdpe pond liner for water treatment

Human consumption for animal products is growing. With livestock farming intensifies,farmers are facing more pressure to manage the risk that animal waste presents to the environment and to human health.Earth Shield Environmental waterproof geomembranes excellent chemical resistance and low permeability make them well suited to animal waste applications.

Indonesia water ponds for irrigation

The advantage of waterproof geomembrane

1.Low permeability:the hdpe lldpe waterproof geomembrane can solve the erosion and leakage problems,save water on canals,protect the animal waste to pollution;

2.Outstanding UV stability and long-term durability: the liner has UV resistance property, so geomembrane life is more than 15years exposed to sun, if buried more than60years;

3.Flexibility:easy to install

4.Puncture resistance:waterproof geomembrane liner protect from the sharp objects;

5.Optional textured surfaces for stability and safety:textured waterproof geomembranes are available to provide non-slip surfaces for wildlifes;

6.Excellent chemical resistance:waterproof geomembrane liner can hold lagoons, anaerobic treatment ponds and evaporation ponds.

Malaysia water reservoir tank ponds


What is thickness of waterproof agriculture geomembrane?

-1.5mm/60mils is recommend.

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