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Landfill geomembrane for Municipal Hazardous industrial waste

Landfill , also is known as a tip, dump, rubbish dump, garbage dump,polution control pond.Landfill dump is a site for the disposal of waste materials,so landfill geomembrane is very important for protecting the environment from landfill waste. A landfill geomembrane helps preventing the migration of leachate and toxic byproducts into soil and water.

Cambodia landfill with hdpe geomembrane and geotextile

Philippines landfill 8000sqm 1.5mm hdpe geomembrane liner

There are four kinds of landfill geomembrane structure:

1. Composite anti-seepage structure:

The composite anti-seepage structure hold the garbage, woven geotextile, drainage layer, geotextile, HDPE geomembrane liner, GCL and basement from top to bottom. Compared with the common single-layer impermeable structure, it has better impermeable effect.

landfill solid waste dump project

Malaysia Landfill project1.5mm HDPE

2. Single layer anti-seepage structure:

Monolayer anti-seepage structure from top to bottom: garbage, woven geotextile, drainage layer, geotextile, HDPE geomembrane landfill geomembrane, protective layer, basement, this is a common impervious structure, has the characteristics of economic benefits.

3. Anti-seepage structure of the capping field:

The impermeable structure of the capping field is from top to bottom: vegetation, nutrient soil, backfill soil, drainage layer, geotextile (geotextile may not be used when the drainage layer adopts composite drainage network), HDPE geomembrane, gravel exhaust layer, garbage.As a result, the capping system can prevent the rainwater from washing the waste and producing sewage continuously, and reduce the amount of sewage treatment.The capping landfill geomembrane liner can be used for vegetation or comprehensive utilization of the site.

1.5mm hdpe geomembrane for landfill solid waste

Malaysia landfill project


4. Double-layer anti-seepage structure:

Double layers from top to bottom for seepage control, waste material, woven geotextile, drainage layer, geotextile, upper HDPE geomembrane, geotextile composite drainage net, the bottom HDPE geomembrane, protective layer (clay or geotextile), basal, use double HDPE antiseepage geomembrane, to enhance the anti-seepage effect, the drainage network between the two landfill geomembrane can have the effect of leakage detection and exclusion of sewage.

Indonesia landfill 2mm ASTM GM13 hdpe geomembrane



If you have more quesitons about landfill geomembrane, please check our landifll project case,


What is the landfill  geomembrane?

-HDPE geomembrane, geotextile,geonet,gcl etc.

How long can landfill geomembrane last?

-Life is more than 60years,and 100years without sunshine.

What is the purpose of a liner in a landfill?

-HDPE liner become a low permeable barrier, which is at bottom.

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