Heap leach Pads,Tailing Storage Facility,Evaporation Ponds

Mining projects uses geomembrane liner  principally for three areas: evaporation (or solar) ponds for recovery of salts, heap leaching of mineral-bearing rock, and mining tailings storage facility,open pit mine. Evaporation ponds and heap leaching are the largest applications of geomembranes in mining, and heap leaching is the most complex.

The Effluent collector ditch and effluent holding pond use the 2mm thickness HDPE geomembrane or LLDPE geomembrane, geomembrane with textured surface.

The tailing pond liner is the ideal impermeable geosynthetic lining product for tailings pond. The geomembrane tailing Liner is a waterproof impermeable,chemical resistant,strong elongation and corrosion resistance, and so on. The tailing liner has good corrosion resistance to bacteria and chemicals, and is resistant to acid, alkali,so it can be used for many years life.

Heap leach Pads Tailing Storage Facility Evaporation Ponds geomembrane liner

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