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Aquaculture Fish Shrimp Ponds

Nowadays, geomembrane(hdpe,lldpe) pond liner is used widly in aquaculture fields. The hdpe/lldpe pond liner good anti-seepage performance and long-life performance can protect soil,groundwater resources from pollution. In fact, fish shrimp farming and other farming fields are using geomembrane pond liner and more,our clients use the 30mil 40mil 60mil pond liner in Indonesia,Malaysia,Philippines,Thailand and other countries.

fish pond with geomembrane pond liner

0.75mm fish tank pond liner

Our HDPE liner and lldpe pond liner use 100%virgin resin, no recycled material. The geomembrane pond liner has carbon black material, so it becomes black color, and is UV resistant and can have a long life when exposed to the sun.

1.5mm hdpe geomembrane pond liner

The advantage of PE geomembrane pond liner

shrimp pond liner

1.Water storage:the geomembrane pond liner has low permeability,can help to prevent the water seeping into the ground soil,save water cost;

2.Water quality stability:the pond liner can keep water quality,reduce changes in water condition to save cost on water quality control;

3.Low maintenance cost: pond liner can inhibit the growth of algae in water, UV resistant,easy to clean;

fish pond liner geomembrane

4.Pond system stablity:compared to digging a pond, geomembrane liner can stabilize the slope,make the ponds have steep slopes and depth,recude the loss and increase the output with high stable system;

Indonesia pond liner geomembrane

5.High output: with our pond liner, there will be no weeds, sludge and other things affecting the fishing speed at the bottom of the pond, the fishing time will be greatly reduced, and the vitality and freshness of fish shrimp will be greatly enhanced;geomembrane pond liner

6.Low Disease risk:the soil and the water is separated, the chemical substances in the soil will not be transmitted to the pond,aquaculture pond liner reduces the cost of medicines for fish farming and the risk of large-scale fish shrimp deaths due to disease.

The pond liner thickness normally 0.5mm(20mil),0.75mm(30mil),1mm(40mil) geomembrane,are very popular in China, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Kenya, Thailand, Egypt, Peru, USA, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, etc.

Besides the pond liner, the welding machines and accessories can be provided together, and our engineers can help with your construcion.

Malaysia fish ponds with 0.75mm geomembrane pond liner

If you have any questions about the fish pond liner, and pond liner installation, please contact us.


What is the best pond liner?

-Earth Shield Environmental geomembrane liner, hdpe pond liner are highly recommended,Lldpe liner is also available,which is cheaper price.

How long will pond liner last?

-More than 15years,with Earth Shield Environmental virgin geomembrane pond liner, UV resistant.

Do I need underlayment for pond liner?

-The underlayment for example nonwoven geotextile is recommended, to protect the pond liner.

How do I choose a pond liner?

-Earth Shield Environmental pond liner, 100%virgin resin,no recycled material,UV resistant, long life.

Are fish pond liners toxic?

-No, hdpe pond liner is impermeable,nontoxic, with virgin resin,no additive,good for fish shrimp.

What is the best thickness for a pond liner?

-0.75mm/30mil hdpe liner, 1mm/40mil hdpe liner are mostly recommended.

How deep should a pond be for fish to survive?

-The depth for different fish shrimp is different, normally 4feet to 21feet for reference.

How to build a fish shrimp ponds?

-Our pond construction video for reference,, we also help geomembrane liner installation.

What does a fish pond need?

-Pond liner, pump,filter,tube,and so on.

How to install the pond liner?

-Geomembrane welding machines, hot wedge welding machine,hot air machine,and extrusion welding machine

What fish fry and sharmp larvae?

-Salmon,prawn,carp,tilapia,cod,catfish,lobster and others.

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