Waterproof Black Pond Liners for Shrimp Farm Project in Malaysia

Project location:Malaysia

Products:0.7mm HDPE Geomembrane liner, welding machines, welding rod

Application:Shrimp farm project


The customer sent an inquiry about  hdpe geomembrane at November 12th,2019,want to build a shrimp ponds.As a manufacturer and many yearsshrimp pond in Malaysia experience in aquaculture ponds, according to

the design drawing, we provide our solution  immediately, 0.7mm 100% virgin hdpe geomembrane pond liner,with E polylock,and welding

machines. Because Customer do not have any experience in this industry, do not know how to build the ponds, so our installation guide videos

were sent to them. And we helped to do the customs clearance with Form E, customer can have lower import tax for the pond liner and goods.

After the subgrade of the shrimp pond was finished, they begin to install the geomembrane liner. Right photo is the begging photo.

Our engineers taught their project engineers how to use the welding machines, adjust the speed and temperature to do welding test.

After the test sample is ok, large area pond liner is to be welded and finished successfully.

When the first pond is done, our customers bought more liner for the shrimp ponds. Now 8ponds are finished, and our customer are very satisfied with our geomembrane liner.

Malaysia shrimp pond

Malaysia shrimp pond with 0.7mm hdpe geomembrane liner

Earth Shield Environmental Co., Ltd is a geosynthetic manufacturer and solution provider integrating Engineering design,manufacturing, installation, guarantee in the Seepage control industry. Have ISO9001,ISO14001,ISO 45001 certifications,and meet TUV,BV,SGS and ACSIG,TRI test standardUnder ISO9001 quality control system, All the products are “100%virgin material! No recycled material!” The property meet the ASTM standard.The products are very popular in Southeast Asia, South America, Middle East, Africa and other countries and regions, also many agents there.

The projects include aquaculture(fish shrimp ponds),environment protection(landfill,liquid treatment,power plant),mine(solar ponds,tailing reservoir dam, heap leaching ),agriculture(water reservoir,irrigation,artificial lake),oil&gas(fresh water,pit pond) and so on.

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