What are the advantages of a textured geomembrane liner?

Geomembrane liner is made of polyethylene resin,100% virgin raw material. The textured geomembrane is one kind of geomembrane liner, it can add the friction to the geomembrane liner, and workers is safe when stand on the geomembrane.The project slope is stable with the textured geomembrane.The smooth surface and textured surface difference is attached for reference.

hdpe geomembrane liner

The geomembrane liner is waterproof,impermeable, and UV resistant, widely used for fish pond, shrimp pond, water dam, water treatment, oilgas, landfill,mine, biogas and so on.

Our Textured geomembrane liner is made by two steps.the first step is to make the smooth surface geomembrane,and second step is to spray the polyethylene filament onto the smooth surface geomembrane liner.

This kind of geomembrane has Three advantages:

1.The basic smooth geomembrane liner property is not affected by the textured surface,the tensile strength, elongtaion, tear resistance, CBR are still high.The friction resistance can be changed by add the textured PE filament.

2.The textured geomembrane has two blank areas at both edges,the area width about 15cm. The blank area is used to weld two layers of geomembrane liner.

3.The textured geomembrane use the 100% virgin raw material, the life in landfill projects can reach 100years.

Textured geomembrane liner

textured geomembrane machine

Our company has 20 years geomembrane experience,and the textured geomembrane liner support many successful landfill,mining projects.Welcome your inquiry.