what can I use as a tree root barrier?

What is a tree root barrier?

The root barrier is a kind of product,which can redirect tree roots, protecting root damage.

HDPE root barrier geomembrane is a good choice, it can block the tree roots,protecting the pavement and foundation of the building as the roots.

The tree root barrier is a High density polyethylene/HDPE geomembrane, it is waterproof, impermeable, UV resistant. The hdpe root barrier have 97.5% polyethylene, and 2.5% carbon black material,no additives. The barrier has great tensile strength, elongation,puncture resistance, and tear resistance,can be used in much different kinds of soils,chemical resistance.

Our root barrier use 100% virgin resin, the specification meet the ASTM GM13 standard.

Considering the temperature, our hdpe root barrier can be used at -70℃ and high temperature 110℃,have good environmental stree crack resistance.when the hdpe root barrier is use under ground, the life could be used for more than 50years.

Our hdpe root barrier has the following features:

High tensile strength, puncture resistance and tear resistance

Excellent chemical resistance

Meet or exceed ASTM GM 13 specification

We have customer in Australia, and the customer use 1mm thickness hdpe geomembrane as the root barrier, the projects photos are as following for reference.

Our company is a 19years manufacturer of geosynthetics material, for example, geomembrane, geotextile, geogrid, geonet, gcl and other products. We have ISO CE certifications, and our products property meet the ASTM ISO standard, and third party test is no problem. Our production time 3-15days, and products can be customized according to your requirement. The OEM is also available.