What is geomembrane lining?

smooth hdpe geomembrane

Geomembrane lining is a kind polymer of geosynthetic products, it is waterproof and impermeable. Geomembrane lining is widely used for primary and secondary containment applications.Geomembrane lining physical mechanical and chemical resistance properties can be customized for projects applications. Geomembrane lining is an important factor for projects in the environmental, landfill, mining, oil and gas, and waste treatment applications.


Geomembrane lining is made of the polyethylene resin,using the blowing film process or calendaring process. Geomembrane lining thickness range is from 10mils to 120mils,and the popular thickness is 20mils 30mils 40mils 60mils and 80mils.

geomembrane blowing film process

For example, The fish farmer aquaculture ponds use 20mils 30mils and 40mils geomembrane lining, which are flexible, cheap.While the geomembrane lining for landfill, waste water, oil gas projects, 40mils 60mils and 80mils thickness linings are recommended, these geomembrane lining have high property.

hdpe geomembrane liner resin

The main property of geomembrane lining:

  1. tensile strength and elongation.

2.tear resistance.

3.puncture resistance.


There are HDPE,LDPE and LLDPE lining. HDPE lining is harder than lldpe, and price higher too. HDPE geomembrane lining properties are more excellent than LLDPE, so it is mostly used for landfill,mining, oil and gas,waste treatment projects. The lldpe is soft and flexible,easy to install, so it is popular for the fish pond, irrigation dam,swimming pool etc.

fish tank pond liner

1.5mm hdpe geomembrane liner for water treatment

Durability of geomembrane lining is also known as service lifetime. In many cases, geomembrane lining acts as a barrier, therefore it is required to effectively prevent the leakage.

In the market, there are many different kinds of geomembrane lining, hdpe,lldpe,pvc, epdm.How to choose a right geomembrane? The project sensitivity plays a major role for  choosing geomembrane lining. Geomembrane lining can be used a s single, double, or composite liners. High density polyethylene (HDPE) geomembrane lining is mainly used for much more sensitive projects as bottom barrier liners.


Different physical and chemical parameters can affect the service life time of geomembrane lining. According to the source of the leachate, the degree of contamination, type of geomembrane lining, quantity and size of the holes are the main factors that influence the life service time of geopolymer. The slope instability and the base soil or rock type as well as surrounding materials such as aggressive chemicals may lead to or speed up the failure process.

landfill project1.5mm hdpe 600g geotextile

Our company use the 100% virgin resin, the geomembrane lining property meets the ASTM TRI GM13 standard, the life could be 40-60years for the landfill.