What is geomembrane used for?

Geomembrane is a very low permeability synthetic membrane liner or barrier, it is made of polyethylene material. The geomembrane is used for seepage or leakage control system.
waterproof geomembrane liner
The Geomembrane  specifications:
1.Thickness range:0.2-3mm
2.Width range:1-8m;
3.Length: customized;
4.Color: black mainly, green, blue, white;
5.Surface: smooth surface, textured surface.
smooth geomembrane pond liner
The Geomembrane Features:
1.Waterproof and impermeable
2.UV resistance(black color)
2.High tearing resistance
5.Long life
6.Root resistance
Geomembrane hdpe lldpe
The geomembrane application:
1.Aquaculture projects: fish ponds, shrimp ponds, industrialized aquaculture ponds, etc.
2.Environmental protection projects: Landfill, sewage treatment plants, power plant regulating pools, industrial and hospital solid wastes, etc.
3.Agriculture: Seepage control of reservoirs, water reservoirs, irrigation systems, canals, etc.
4.Mining: heap leaching platforms, conduit, and retention channels and wells for liquid solutions, final disposal reservoirs.
5.Oil&gas:fresh water liner,pit liner,flow-back water pond liner,oild containment etc.
6.golf-course,coal ash,animal waste,solar&pumped storage ponds etc.
fish tank pond liner