What is HDPE geomembrane?

HDPE geomembrane is one kind of geomembrane, it is made of 97.5% high-density polyethylene material and 2.5% carbon black material.The hdpe geomembrane use blowing film process,  and made into different size rolls.HDPE geomembrane is waterproof impermeable,chemical resistant and UV resistant,used for the seepage control containment projects.

The hdpe geomembrane thickness range is from 12mil to 118mils,and the popular thickness are 20mils, 30mils,40mils,60mils,and 80mils.The 20/30/40mils hdpe geomembrane are widely used for fish pond, shrimp pond, water reservoir, landscape ponds.The 60/80mils hdpe geomembranes are popular for water treatment, landfill,mining tailing projects and so on.

HDPE Geomembrane width range is from 1m to 8m,and popular width are 5.8m, 7m and 8m. The aquaculture ponds water reservoir projects use the 5.8m mostly, but the landfill mining projects mainly use 7m or 8m width.The 7m 8m width can reduce the welding area of two hdpe geomembrane, to reduce the risk of a leak.

The hdpe geomembrane color can be customized, and normal color is black color.The black hdpe geomembrane is UV resistant, and life is 8-20years exposed to the sun, and can last 40-60years when geomembrane is buried without sun,like landfill.

HDPE geomembrane surfaces have two types, one is smooth surface, another is textured rough surface.The double sides smooth surfaces hdpe geomembrane is the popular type, one side smooth one side textured surface hdpe geomembrane and two sides rough surface hdpe geomembrane are popular for landfill, mining civil engineering projects.

fish tank pond liner

1.5mm 2mm ASTM GM13 Landfill hdpe geomembrane liner for landfill

hdpe geomembrane liner for water treatment

As the waterproof impermeable features, the hdpe geomembrane is used for aquaculture ponds tanks, environment projects,agriculture,mining industry,etc.Our company hdpe geomembrane supported many projects in many countries and areas.

How do you weld the HDPE membrane? How do you weld HDPE sheets together? how do you connect geomembrane?

The HDPE geomembrane should be welded by the welding machines, for example, hot wedge welding machines, hot air welding machine and extrusion welding machines.Here is our youtube video about how to weld the hdpe geomembrane.