What is HDPE liner used for?

HDPE liner is made of high density polyethylene material, also called HDPE geomembrane.HDPE liner is waterproof impermeable and UV resistant.Our hdpe liner use 100% virgin raw material, no recycled material.The property of HDPE liner meet the ASTM standard.

HDPE liner features:

  1. Waterproof impermeable
  2. Excellent chemical resistant
  3.  UV resistant
  4. Good price
  5. Weldable, and customized size
  6. Nontoxic, safe for fish water
  7. Durable, lifetime>10year exposed to the sunshine
  8. 50years lifespan when covered

HDPE liner is widely used for fish ponds, shrimp pond, water reservoir, dam, water treatment, oil gas, landfill,minin, biogas, and so on.

fish tank pond liner

Philippines fish pond 1mm pond liner

HDPE liner for fish tank fish ponds, the thickness 0.5mm 0.75mm and 1mm are recommended.

1.5mm 2mm ASTM GM13 Landfill hdpe geomembrane liner for landfill

hdpe geomembrane liner for oil project

HDPE liner 1.5mm 2mm thickness are recommended for the landfill,mining,water treatment projects.