What is non woven geotextile fabric used for?

Non woven geotextile is kind of geotextile fabric,also named needle punched geotextile.Non woven geotextile is permeable geosynthetic material, normally used for integral part of civil engineering projects structure.

nonwoven geotextile

The non woven geotextile are frequently made from synthetic polymers such as polyester, polypropylene material.The polyester non woven geotexitle is also named PET geotextile, which have long fiber filament and short fiber staple differences on material. The polypropylene non woven geotextile is also named PP geotextile, which have long fiber and short fiber too.

Geotextile long fiber Filaments. The filaments are produced by many kinds of extrusion techniques.Melt extrusion technique is used for polymers such as polyester and polypropylene geotextile. The molten polymers are extruded through spinnerets and subsequently, they are stretched along the filament axis so that the molecular orientation along the filament is improved, resulting in higher tensile properties. When numerous geotextile filaments are extruded simultaneously through the spinnerets, it is known as a multifilament yarn.

Geotextile Short (staple) fibres. Filaments are chopped into short lengths ranging from 2 to 10 cm, which are known as short staple fibre. These staple fibres are then twisted together to form a yarn.

Slit films yarn. The films are produced through a melt extrusion process using split dies which are subsequently slit with sharp blades. These films can be further fibrillated and broken into fibrous strands, known as a fibrillated yarn.

Non woven geotextile

Non woven geotextile fabrics are defined as a sheet, web, or batt of directionally or randomly oriented fibres/filaments, bonded either by friction, and/or cohesion, and/or adhesion. In general, non woven geotextile fabric formation can be considered as a two-step process: web formation (aligning the fibres with certain orientation characteristics) and bonding these fibres by mechanical, thermal, or chemical means.16 This two-step process has formed the classification of nonwoven structures, i.e. carded, airlaid, spunlaid, meltblown, needlepunched, hydroentangled, adhesive bonded, thermal bonded, stitch bonded, etc.

The non woven geotextile has many colors to choose, for example, white, black, green, blue etc.The white color non woven geotextile is popular one.

nonwoven geotextile packing

The non woven geotextile mass weight can be customized, and the weight range is from 100g/sqm to 1400g/sqm,and the different projects use different mass weight non woven geotexitle, for example, 200g 300g 400g are widely used for road, airport, highway, and 100g 120g 140 are widely used for landscape retail.

The non woven geotexitle is packed in roll, the roll width is max 6m, and can be customized according to requirement. For retail in supermarket, 1m 2m width are popular, and the non woven geotextile can be folded from 2m into 1m width.The OEM packing and colorful label is no problem.

There are two main advantages of non woven geotextile fabric. The non woven geotextile price is very cheap than other geosynthetic material, can save project cost.The non woven geotextile fabrics are much lighter than the woven geotextile fabrics,this makes it easier for you to handle them and lay them on the sites. The labor, as well as the transport costs, is much lesser as well.

Considering for the civil engineering project, there are some features for choice:

  • Ability to separate, filter, drain, protect and reinforce
  • Superior strength and durability
  • Tear and puncture resistance
  • Elasticity
  • Permeability
  • Low humidity
  • Absorption
  • Resistance to rotting, chemicals, bacteria and fungi.
  • Lightweight
  • Temperature fluctuation tolerant
  • Stress-relieving

The functions of non woven geotextiles are:

Filtration,The non woven geotextile allows the liquid flow with the little soil loss across the plane of it over the lifespan.

Drainage,The non woven geotextile provides the direction for the flow of the water to go through the geotextile.

Separation,The non woven geotextile can isolate the different materials, the function of separation plays an important role.

Reinforcement,In reinforcement of non woven geotextile, it is similar to the purpose of rebar in concrete.

Protection,The non woven geotextile can protect the geomembrane liner in landfill mining projects.


With the excellent functions of nonwoven geotexitle, the non woven geotextile can be used for many projects:

Road and rail building

Dam, canal and pond lining

Hydraulic works

Soil stabilisation and reinforcement

Soil separation




Sedimentation and erosion control

Weed control

Root barriers

Sport surfaces

Drainage channel liners

1.5mm hdpe geomembrane for landfill