What is nonwoven geotextile?

Nonwoven geotextile is a permeable geosynthetic material, it is made of filament or staple fiber.The geotextile is frequently made from polymers synthetic material,like Polyester material and the Polypropylene material.

The nonwoven geotextile use the needle punched process, make fibers interweave with each other, and make the geotextile soft,stiff and reach a technical property requirement.

Nonwoven geotextiles have good fabric clearance and good adhesion. Because the geotextile fiber has tear resistance ability and good deformation adaptability, and also has good drainage ability. The geotextile surface is soft and multi-clearance, has good friction, which can increase the adhesion ability of soil particles.

The nonwoven geotextile can be continuous filament nonwoven geotextile and staple nonwoven geotextile.All the geotextile have a good filtration, isolation, reinforcement, protection and other functions.The nonwoven geotextile is a widely used geosynthetic materials.  Filament geotextile has higher tensile strength than short staple geotextile, can be selected according to application requirements.

The features of nonwoven geotextile:Isolation, Filtration, Drainage, reinforcement,and protection.

Filtration:nonwoven geotextile can retain fine soil particles.The geotextile can prevents the soil from going through the geotextile.

Separation:nonwoven geotextile can help to separate two layers of soil,which have different size of particles.Geotextile prevents the two layers of soil from mixing together.Nonwoven geotextile is very important for the long term performance of the structure.

Drainage:Nonwoven geotextile is used to transport the liquids or gas.It can be combined with other products,like geonet,pipes etc.

Reinforcement:nonwoven geotextile is used in reinforcement to increase the load bearing capacity of the soil.The reinforcement is a popular application in the road engineering.Nonwoven geotextile can reduce the stress level in the foundation soil.

Erosion control:nonwoven geotextile can help for the erosion control in the slope.

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