What is the advantage of textured geomembrane?

Textured geomembrane liner

The geomembrane liner is a kind of waterproof impermeable material, it is made of polyetylene resin, hdpe,lldpe resin. hdpe geomembrane liner for fish pondsThe geomembrane is UV resistant, puncture resistant and chemical resistant, so it can be used for containment liner, and now the geomembrane liner is popular used in the aquaculture fish shrimp pond, landfill, water treatment, mining projects and so on.

Earth shield environment co.,ltd produce the geomembrane liner with 100% virgin resin, have blow film process and calendering process. Our geomembrane liner thickness range 0.3mm-3mm thickness, and max width is 8m, with customized length, and black is the normal color, which is with the carbon black and can be UV resistant.

About the geomembrane surface, we can produce smooth surface and textured surface,do you know what is the advantage of the textured geomembrane liner? and how it is be made?


To make the textured geomembrane liner, first step is to make the smooth geomembrane liner, the smooth geomembrane  liner use the virgin resin,and property meet the ASTM GM13 standard.Then the textured surface machine melt the polyethylene resin and  spray the polyehylene fiber on the smooth geomembrane liner, make a rough surface.

geomembrane blowing film process textured geomembrane machine

The textured geomembrane liner max width is 8m, and have a blank area at both edges,20cm smooth area without textured fiber. This smooth area is used to weld the two geomembrane liners together,it is useful for the engineers.

textured geomembrane liner

With the sparyed fiber, textured surface geomembrane can have a strong friction between geomembrane and other products, like the nonwoven geotextile, so the slope structure will be fixed and stable. And the worker can stay stable on the texture surface liner, safe for workers.

hdpe geomembrane liner

Our customers use the textured geomembrane liner for swimming pool, oil&gas projects,landfill,and mining projects.

hdpe geomembrane liner for landfillwater treatment

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