What is the best for Fish pond liner

For fish pond liner, there are many different kinds of material, for example, EPDM, PVC,HDPE.

The fish pond liner is mainly used to keep the water level in the ponds, no leak into the soil.The pond liner basic feature is  waterproof and impermealbe, so that it can save water.

The pond liner have preformed or flexible liner,and here are some difference between them.

EPDM Pond liner:Ethylene propylene diene monomer(EPDM) is a plastic material like rubber, it is very flexible, and easy to fold, can meet different shape ponds.The EPDM pond liner can be installed by the liner tape, which is adhered to each other, so the epdm liner can be cut to customized size.

EPDM pond liner is very heavy, the transport cost will be high,and the puncture resistance property is not good, so underlay is needed to protect.

PVC pond liner:Polyvinyl chloride(PVC) is flexible liner with cheap price.it is not heavy as EPDM and puncture property is better, can be finished by the tape too.However,the pvc liner has a big disadvantage, which make it rare in fish ponds.PVC pond liner often have arsenic and other chemicals that are toxic to fish,dangerous for the people at last.And PVC is easily to break at cold weather or sunshine,need much soil to cover.

HDPE pond liner:High-density polyethylene (HDPE)liner is the best choice for the fish ponds. It has better puncture resistant property than PVC and EPDM,the unit weight is one-third  and thick half of them.It is easy to transport,install,and customized.The liner can be welded by welding machine, it is more stalbe than tape.The underlay is no need as the hdpe liner is strong enough.The lifetime can be 40years if take good care of.

Some customer will use the concrete for the pond,which is the most durable material for ponds.it can be used at any weather,and no punctured.But it is more expensive,time consuming and difficult to pour properly.