What is the minimum thickness mm of geomembrane has to be used in MSW landfill?

Landfill projects are more and more popular in recent years.The landfill is a discrete area for solid waste material.

The majority of municipal solid waste globally is placed in landfills.  In many countries, sanitary landfills are used which typically include bottom impermeable liners, leachate collection systems, leachate treatment, gas collection, gas treatment, capping covers, and air and water monitoring systems.

The landfill project uses an HDPE geomembrane liner to make the barrier. The landfill geomembrane liner is waterproof, impermeable, and chemical resistant. According to the landfill design suggestion, the 2mm thickness HDPE geomembrane is widely used for the MSW landfill.

In some countries, the 1.5mm thickness HDPE geomembrane liner is also used, which quality should be ASTM GM13 standard.

Our Malaysia customer landfill project photo is as follows. The landfill project uses 1.5mm HDPE geomembrane and 600g nonwoven geotextile.

landfill project1.5mm hdpe 600g geotextile

Our Philippines customer use 1.5mm thickness hdpe liner.

1.5mm geomembrane for landfill