What is the purpose of geotextile?

Geotextile is also named geotextile fabric,it is made of polyester or polypropylene fabric material. The fabric is made to the geosynthetic product by needle punched process or woven process.Geotextile is soft, and looks like a cloth.The geotextile weight is light.

Non woven geotextile

To know the purpose of geotextile, the features of geotextile should be known firstly.
1. high strength. geotextile can keep excellent mechanical property and elongation at dry or wet condition.
2. Corrosion resistance. geotextile could have a long life in different soil with PH values.
3. Good permeability.Geotextile is made of fabric, there are many holes in the fibers, so the permeability is very good.
4. Easy to install. Geotextile is soft,light, it is easy to transport, and the construction is efficient.
5. Low cost.geotextile cost is very cheap,and be used for different projects.

Geotextile have two kinds of fabrics, Polyester/PET and Polyprolylene/PP material. The geotextile production process includes needle punched process and woven process.The width range is 1m to 6m, and length range is 50m to 100m, can be customized.

nonwoven geotextile

With the good property and features, geotextile has many purpose for different projects.
1. Isolation
Polyester staple fabric geotextile can isolate construction material with different physical properties, such as the soil and sand, soil and concrete etc.The materials donot mix, and have the overall structure and function of the each material.
2. filtration
The geotextile has good permeability, so the water can go through the geotextile fabric.But the soil particles,sand and stones can be stopped from going through.The stability of soil and water can be maintained.
3. drainage
Geotextile has excellent water permeability, and can make a water channel to take more water and gas outside.
4. reinforcement
geotextile can add the tensile strength and anti-deformability of the soil,the construction stable ability is better, with the soil quality.
5. protection
geotextile is puncture resistant,can protect the geomembrane material for the impermeable projects.

What is the geotextile used for?
Geotextile is widely used in water conservancy, power plant,landfill,airport, mines, roads and railways and other civil engineering projects.
(1) used as reinforcement for the retaining wall, or used for anchoring retaining wall.

(2) used to strengthen the roads, repair the cracks on the road, to prevent road reflection cracks.

(3) used to increase the stability of slope and reinforced soil, prevent soil erosion

(4) used as the filter layer of the ash storage dam or tailings dam

(5) used as Isolation layer of geotextile between road, airport, railway and artificial rockfill and foundation.

(6) used to protect impermeable geomembrane in landfill,mines,and so on.

(7) used for Infrastructure projects, for example,Highway and railway, embankment, rock dam, airport, playgrounds

Our company produce the geotextile with 100% virgin fabric, no any recycled material.The geotextile property is guaranteed, and popular in many countries.Our customer projects photos as follows.

1.5mm hdpe geomembrane for landfill

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